Gato 3/30


  • Author: Quiroa, Marco August (b Chicacao, Suchitepéquez, May 7, 1937d 2004)
  • Date: 1905
  • Medium: Litography

  • Biography of Author: He was a painter, engraver, sculptor, graphic designer, storyteller and writer, who stood out in the latter category in the branch of the latter category in the field of short stories in the latter category in the field of short stories, in which he won several prizes prizes, although without distancing himself from his other other artistic skills. He died in 2004.   Was a co-founder of the “Vertebra” group.
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Chain of provenance:


  • Item was sold as 1/30 on 2002 from the gallery “Rocio Quiroa”
  • Item was purchased by Owner one and stored in a private collection
  • Item was exhibited on 2016 to the public as a part of the festival “Corridor Visual”



  • JOSÉ ELÍAS   “Gato Viejo: Síntesis narrativa de la obra plástica de Marco Augusto Quiroa ” 04 NOV 2021
  • Heidy Hernández  “OBRA Y VIDA DE MARCO AUGUSTO QUIROA ” 12 FEB 2020